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6 Cheapest Areas to Buy Apartments in Dubai This 2020

Getting an apartment in Dubai (whether via rent or acquisition) is very expensive. A lot of people try to look for cheap apartments for sale in Dubai. Fortunately, there are areas in the capital that offers annual rent for cheap. In these areas, you can get a deal for as low as AED 20,000 or lower. Take note that most inexpensive renting opportunities are usually given on studio-type infrastructures.

1. Al Awir

Getting a studio-type flat for less than AED 25,000 is a feat you can do in Al Awir. Most rooms available in this price range is a studio-type apartment that has at least one bathroom and at least 35 sqm. If you’re lucky enough, you can even this deal for less than AED 20,000.

Lowest Price: AED 23,000 (yearly)

2. Bur Dubai

Another famous area for cheap apartment rent, Bur Dubai also offer mostly studio-type apartment. The studio is available in a furnished and unfurnished option. Keep in mind that Bur Dubai is not surrounded by essential infrastructures like shopping malls and hospitals. If you have a medical condition, you might want to stay near the hospital.

Lowest Price: AED 20,000

3. Abu Hail

In all honesty, Abu Hail properties can easily cost you AED 50,000 a year. However, this is worth it when you usually get two or three bedrooms with that price. Abu Hail is excellent for families or groups of friends that don’t want to spend too much on the rent. If you’re planning to rent alone, there are single-bed options that cheaper and more accessible for budget-conscious individuals.

Lowest Price: AED 50,000

4. Dubai Investment Park

Dubai Investment Park usually has different kinds of offers for different types of people. There are rooms which are made for families and executives. Although you’re more likely to find a listing for larger prices, studio-type apartments with one bedroom and one bathroom is still a thing in this area. You can get a 29 sqm property and a shared pool.

Lowest Price: AED 25,000

5. The International City

This area’s offerings can vary greatly: from spacious rooms made for families to a studio-type room made for one person. Most options don’t cross the AED 25.000 threshold for single-room offers. But once it did, you can expect additional services like central AC and WiFi. Some landlords would even allow pets in their higher tier offerings.

Lowest Price: AED 20,000

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6. Deira

Deira is one of the most popular options for people who are really in need of a cheaper apartment alternative. You likely not get great furniture in the room, as well as additional kitchen devices, but the price is great. At times, listings that cost less than AED 20,000 appears. But these listings are usually just a 20sqm studio-type room. It will likely be unfurnished with no free closet available.

Lowest Price: AED 20,000


These are the six cheapest areas in Dubai to buy apartments on rent this year.