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Buying a condo in Selangor: things to consider

Selangor may be widely known as a tourist attraction owing to its natural beauty.  However, these days it is considered by expats as one of the top destinations to retire or settle in Malaysia. The state has more than 50% forest greenery and is well connected by Rapid rail transport and Malaysian federal roads.  It has excellent medical facilities provided by leading hospitals like Assunta hospital.  Besides schools which are on par with international standards, the rapidly growing chemicals and car assembly factories offer excellent job opportunities.  All these factors make the choice of investing in a home in Selangor a wise decision.

Understand the options available:

Selangor offers a mixture of options you can choose from such as apartments, villas, and terrace houses.  Personally, condos would be the best choice.  What makes condos better than others?  Condos come with swimming pools, landscaped gardens etc and if you are planning to invest in Malaysia you should consider looking at condos for sale in Selangor.

Selangor condos

Consider the long term vs. short term:

If you want to live in a condo for long term or short term, then the following aspects should be considered:

  1. Density: Choosing a low-density condo blocks to help you live amongst the slightly crowded areas, better security and shorter waiting times for the elevators. Though the size of the gym and pool may be slightly small, the low-density factor gives you greater comfort in the longer run.
  2. Maintenance: A well-maintained condo will have less or no structural issues. Though it may be high on price, a condo with a good maintenance rating would appreciate more than a shabbily maintained one.  Even if you want to rent them for a shorter duration, maintenance is an important selling factor to consider.
  3. Facilities: Gaming room., library, jacuzzi etc. though might add on to your maintenance cost but it adds a sense of luxury to your lifestyle.
  4. Parking bays: Condos have a reserved parking space for residents.  If you plan to live for a short term, open parking may be a good choice but for long term residency, you need a reserved parking space to avoid scrambling for parking space ever night.
  5. Layout: Whether the condo is being used for a long or short term stay, the layout of the home should be perfect.  A proper plan with the least wastage of space will be the best choice.
  6. Community: The residents association which runs the condo must have responsible leadership.  An association that is dysfunctional will not do a good job in maintaining the public spaces around your condo.

Selangor condos for sale

Which neighborhood to choose?

  1. The most recommended place for buying a good condo in Selangor is Petaling Jaya. Many businesses are headquartered here and that provides job opportunities to residents.
  2. You can choose the condos present in or near to the CBD as it has the excellent public infrastructure.
  3. Apart from Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya is a nice place to buy a condo as it has access to good schools and malls and most importantly, the condos here are affordable when compared to Petaling Jaya.