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The Property Market in Singapore: Top Places to Invest

2019 started well for the real estate market in Singapore. Its corruption-free nature, open stance on foreign investments and strong currency, all that contribute to investors from all the world park their money in Singapore. Real estate is one of the areas where they like to invest most. In the past, it has done wonders to their balances. 2019 is expected to be a good year for real estate investments as well.

However, no one said that all real estate investments could yield the same returns. The following areas are considered as investment ready and can bring the highest profits. Some of the best real estate experts agree that investing there is the safest bet for any investor.

Bukit Merah

There is no shortage of Property For Sale in Bukit Merah, yet there are new development projects on their way in this area. Most of the buildings are residential and are split into several subzones. Over 150,000 people are living in Bukit Merah, and many of them even want to buy a property there. The demand for houses and apartments is way beyond what’s offered on the market. The prediction is that the demand will further drive the prices and that investing in real estate in Bukit Merah has the potential to bring the maximum returns.

Bukit Merah

Ardmore Park

Anyone that wants to live in the heart of the city first goes to Ardmore Park and asks what’s available. The people that inquire for property in Ardmore Park don’t ask about prices. The thing is that this is a prime spot reserved for those with deepest pockets. And even in the days when the real estate market in Singapore stagnated, the prices there never stopped growing. An opportunity to invest in Ardmore Park is not to be missed. So far, anyone that invested in real estate in this area gained pretty good returns. Nothing in today’s climate points to the opposite.

ardmore park singapore


This area is the only one where a foreigner can buy a land property. It is an island that sits just outside Singapore’s CBD. It is a gated community reserved for the wealthiest. However, the government’s cooling measures that were introduced in 2013 had a significant impact on the real estate on Sentosa Island. It is fair to say that they haven’t fully recovered since then. But that won’t last long as investors are once again showing interest in Sentosa.

Sentosa singapore

The Tre Ver

This is a development project being developed along the Potor Pasir Avenue. The Tre Ver is being made on the same location where once the Raintree Garden was. The current development project will have 729 units, all facing the riverfront. The peace and the serenity of the area only add up points to the overall appeal of the place. Anyone that wants a quiet home, far from the hustle and bustle of the city will find this place very convenient. In its close proximity, there are also some slots waiting to be filled with residential buildings.

The Tre Ver singapore