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Yorkville Condos

Yorkville condos are generally expensive. But this chic area is home to to the business elite and international jetsetters has surprisingly affordable condos known only to the insiders. Favorite Yorkville condos?” At our Yorkville office and being Yorkville Real Estate estate business for over 20 years, that’s a question we are asked a lot.

It’s amazing that such a teeny speck of a neighbourhood, in the City of Toronto, less than a square mile, could have so much shopping!
We’ve walked the streets. We eaten, drunk, and lazed about at fabulous restaurants and bars within a minutes walk from our condo on Park Road and from our retail office on Cumberland Street. We’ve shopped and browsed designer boutiques and high end retailers such as Chanel, Holt Renfrew, Hugo Boss and Chanel.We stargazed at the likes of Dustin Hoffman and Anthony Hopkins at the Toronto film festival.

Of course, we visited many of those charming Yorkville condos, outdoor cafés, antique shops, art galleries, and designer boutiques, high end restaurants laneways, and cobblestone courtyards with rustic lampposts and wrought-iron park benches…

There’s nothing like being lounging in a chair drinking coffee by a waterfall, surrounded by birch trees and meadow grasses while being in the middle of Canada’s largest city.

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And the bars. Something about “great martinis…”
There’s so much here to offer everyone… shopping, parties, fabulous food and right at our doorstep.
So what are our favorites of all the Yorkville Condos we’ve visited after years of exploration and play?
It’s always the same answer. They all are! You see, every condo, every street, every home has it’s own mystique, each one has its own qualities that makes it special.

Still, we’ll answer that questions the best I can (along with my wife May) Living and working as realtors gives us insider’s eyes for the area…
Let’s take at Yorkville condos one by one…